Admission is entirely based on levels of performance assessed through tests, and where the need arises discretion and evaluation of Management is used. Admission takes place before the school year begins in September. Entrants to Kindergarten are 3-year olds. The fundamental prerequisite is that entrants should be teachable using English as a medium of instruction. A registration form is picked, completed, and submitted at the school by parents. A date for an interview and written tests is scheduled. The parent is informed later as to whether or not the child or ward qualifies. It is assumed by the school authorities that the child and the parents have become conversant with the school’s rules and regulation before schooling begins.


When it becomes necessary for a pupil to leave the school, a written note of withdrawal from the parent or guardian is required. Upon the payment of a term’s fees, a pupil may be temporarily withdrawn for a period up to one academic year and will only be re-admitted provided the period stated above is not exceeded.

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