At a Glance

Alsyd Academy was founded in 1977 by Mrs. Alberta Quartey supported by her husband Dr. Sidney Quartey. The school uses the official curriculum prescribed by the Ghana Education Service (G.E.S.), and the 3-Term system which begins in January and ends in December to mark an academic year. Peculiar to Alsyd Academy a few innovations have been added to the subjects’ content to meet the school’s standard and dynamic global trends. The curriculum has been designed so as to have an accelerated system whereby children actually do a year’s work ahead. The Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E.) is written in the final year of Junior High School – J.H.S. 3.

Alsyd Academy distinguishes itself through excellent B.E.C.E. results achieved by a policy which leaves no child behind by providing accessible modern learning facilities to all. These include a modern Science Lab, Computer Lab, Library and Activity Room. Pupils who excel academically are recognized and awarded prizes at the end of the academic year during a speech and prize giving day.

Learning Support Programmes

At the Primary level, pupils who seem to be behind go through one hour booster lessons three days in the week. Similarly, students who need to catch up at the Junior High Level are also mentored by particular teachers assigned to supervise and report progress to the academic board.

Tutorials are organized by the class teachers to track performance and counsel children in order to identify their challenges if any within and without classroom affairs.

Every class has a particular project to work on and individually every child presents his / her work. This aims at nurturing research skills at this level. Under the supervision of their class teachers, children select their topics and through group and individual effort collect and collate their findings for presentation during the second term. This activity is competitive among the classes and the winner takes a trophy.

After the B.E.C.E., our candidates return to school to finish the academic year. During the period, they are engaged in a number of extra curricular activities including the production of their Year Book which is sponsored through fund-raising activities. They are also introduced to Senior High School Literature in English, take up theoretical and practical projects in Computer Lessons, Integrated Science and Mathematics. Other Activities include Career Development, Moral Training, Cookery, Field Trips and Excursions.

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