Mission and Aims


To provide a stimulating environment, using contemporary best practices in education for pupil/student learning.

This will be achieved through

  1. The provision of equal and ready access to information & communication Technology(I.C.T) and library facilities that will prepare pupils/students with relevant skills for research and information gathering and analysis.
  2. The relevant use of teaching subjects for providing pupils/students with high achievement levels in literacy and critical thinking and analytical skills.
  3. The creation of a classroom interaction that allows each child to succeed according to his/her ability.
  4. Teacher example and relevant use of lessons/subjects to develop in pupils/students, high standards of personal and moral integrity and social responsibility.
  5. Enhancing pupil achievement through continuous supervision and upgrading of teacher/pupil performance.
  6. Pursuit of basic education curriculum as prescribed by the Ghana Education Service, using professionally qualified teachers to provide smooth transition to higher levels of education.


  • To be the leading provider of school level education in Ghana


  • We are results-oriented and we pursue this agenda by consciously setting standards for excellence and taking steps to achieve them. We are aware that the only criterion for success is excellence.
  • We show respect toward all people-staff, pupils, parents etc. – without regard to race, religion, or gender and treat each individual with human dignity.
  • We are committed to raising disciplined, dedicated, God-fearing and morally-upright citizens for the Nation. Our School motto is “Dare to do right, Dare to be true”
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